The basic principle is as simple as it is brilliant: take the free energy that exists in the air and ground, and convert it into heating for a house.

With an air source heat pump there is no need to dig or drill. Instead the energy is sourced straight from the surrounding air. For a complete system that covers all your heating requirements, includinghot water, you need an air/water heat pump. In comparison, an air/air heat pump is only capable of supplying partial heating, not hot water


Lower investment cost.

•No impact on the ground.

•No large plot needed

IVT AirX -
•Extremely quiet air / water heat pump
•Future proof - works Hardest when electricity prices are lowest
•The inverter controller adapts to the building's heating •Patented defrost system ensures operation and saves energy
•10 year warranty on the compressor and six years on the entire heat pump is included.

IVT AirX is an extremely quiet air / water heat pump, with a SPF top-notch.

IVT AirX is a new generation air / water heat pumps, which sets new standards in terms of both efficiency and quietness.

At the same time the heat pump has a variety of new technological innovations.

Save Money with the modulating system. IVT AirX is equipped with intelligent speed control that adjusts heating the house's heating needs.
IVT AirX is the first air / water heat pump with variable speed drive.

It was also designed with the future control technology that self-adjusts so that it works the hardest when electricity prices are lowest.

Demand and thus the price of electricity varies during the hours of the day.

IVT AirX continues to provide efficient heating even when the outside temperature is approaching 20 degrees below zero.

The fan speed is controlled so that the defrost starts as late as possible.It means that no energy is used to defrost when it is above 5 degrees outside.

When you invest in an IVT AirX. A 10-year warranty on the compressor (the heart of your heat pump) and 6 years for the entire heat pump are available if you sign up to a service programme.